About Us

Welcome to Cough Club World Wide, where we don't just sell stuff; we create a vibe for the true cannabis connoisseur. We're not your run-of-the-mill brand – we're the artisans of elevated living.

At Cough Club World Wide, our creations aren't just apparel, blankets, and home decor; they're your personal masterpieces. Each piece is crafted with the love and care your favorite strain deserves. We don't just deliver products; we deliver an experience tailored uniquely for you.

But that's just the beginning of our cosmic journey together. Ever wanted to own a piece of the hazy horizon? Introducing our exclusive 1 of 1 NFTs, whimsical cannabinoids to the digital world. And because we're all about surprises, each NFT comes with a mystery box. What's inside? That's part of the thrill – it could be prints, blankets, hoodies, or something straight out of your wildest, smokiest dreams.

Why settle for ordinary when you can be a part of something extraordinary? Join Cough Club World Wide – where every order is an opportunity to own a slice of cannabis culture, and every unboxing is a journey into the sublime. Get ready to elevate your space and your style, one puff at a time.